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Why buy a pram with a car seat

Why buy a pram with a car seat

When first time parents consider purchasing a stroller or pram for their new baby, the options available might overwhelm them.  Before purchasing a pram, it is recommended to look at the different options available and see how they fit into your lifestyle.

Purchasing a pram can be an expensive and intimidating exercise with so many choices. Another big purchase is a car seat, as this is vital for the safety of your baby when travelling by car.

Graco have a solution available to parents which combines the best of both worlds. A pram with a car seat, also known as a travel system, offers the safety of a car seat and the ease of a stroller.  Here are some of the benefits to take into consideration:

One of the biggest benefits of a baby travel system is the convenience. Suppose you are out at the mall with your infant and he or she falls asleep, you are not required to unbuckle him from a stroller or baby carrier to move him into the car. A travel system allows you to simply remove the seat from the stroller for use in a car, either by strapping the seat in or by using a base.  With the two items designed to fit together it also means easy use when opening or setting up the stroller.

Choosing a pram that comes with a car seat ensures your baby's safety in the car and out in public. This combination consists of an infant car seat which easily secures the seat in your vehicle and a stroller that holds the car seat. These prams with car seats are designed to work together to make life easy for parents to move their baby from car to pram without removing him or her from the comfort of his seat.

While the initial cost of buying a travel system might be expensive, the long term benefit is that the pram with car seat will last from baby to toddler.  This means that in the long run you will save on the expense of buying a new pram when your baby outgrows it.

Matching pair
When buying a pram with a car seat you can rest assured that when using both the items your baby will be safe and comfortable.  The two items also match as far as styling and finishes are concerned.

The safety and comfort of baby comes first and by choosing a pram that comes with a car seat you will keep baby happy, which also means happy parents.