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Gear Guides: What is a Travel System

One of the most important decisions with regards to gear for your baby, is how you are going to travel with them. Experts suggest that you will need a car seat for trips in the car, a pram for travelling on foot and possibly a carry cot for short naps while visiting. A Travel System allows you to get everything you need in one go. In this Gear Guide we detail what a travel system is and what the pros and cons are.

Family using car seat as an infant carrier

What is a Travel System:

Travel System is a packaged set including a minimum of a pram and a car seat.

With a Travel System you can easily connect the car seat or infant capsule to the pram to make travel on-the-go a breeze. The car seat handle can be adjusted so that the car seat can also be used as an infant carrier or a rocker when placed on the floor. The Car Seat simply clicks into the pram, which can be handy when your little one is sleeping and you don't want to wake them up. Although Travel Systems can seem expensive, it can often be the economical way of buying both a pram and a car seat and offers you a lot more value!

Components of a Travel System:

Travel Systems will include different components, choose the package that suits your needs and lifestyle. We list the various items that can be included in a Travel System package.

Components of the Evo Trio Travel System Components of the Evo Trio Travel System
Componets of a Mirage Travel System Componets of a Mirage Travel System

Pram or Stroller:

There are various features to look out for when choosing a pram or stroller. Choose a pram that suits your lifestyle and has all the features that you need.

Prams are generally suitable from birth to 15kg (about 3 years).

Ensure that your pram has a newborn flat recline with a 5-point safety harness. These features mean that your pram can be used from birth

Features of a PramFeatures of a Pram


Car Seat:

Car seats that are included in a Travel System are for infants and are suitable up to 13kg. The handle allows the infant car seat to also be used as a carrier for easy transit. Most car seats can also rock back and forth and can be used to soothe little ones.

Features of an infant Car SeatFeatures of an infant Car Seat

The car seat then fits conveniently into the stroller and can be used in Travel System Mode.

Pram in Travel System ModePram in Travel System Mode

Car Seat Base:

A Car Seat Base is seat-belted into a vehicle and is used to secure the infant car seat into the car. Simply click the car seat into the base and buckle your little one up when you are ready to go. Although the infant capsule can be used in the car without a base, a base makes this process much easier. With the base secured in the car you can simply click the car seat in and out without any fuss. Many parents find it useful to buy one base for each vehicle, so that the base stays permanently in mom and dads car. As you only have to install the base once and your child can safely travel with mom or dad hassle-free!

Carry Cot:

A carry cot can be used to keep your newborn comfortable and happy. Most carry cots include a padded mattress so that baby can sleep while you are on the go. Many carry cots fit directly into the frame of the stroller for ultimate flexibility and modern living. Carry cots are only suitable for a child who cannot sit up unaided, roll over and cannot push itself up on its hands and knees. Maximum weight of the child in the carry cot: 9 kg.


What are the pros of travel systems?

  • You can move your baby from your car to the pram without waking them up.
  • You only need to make one purchase decision: you can get a stroller and car seat in one go. (Other packages will give you a base and carry cot as well.)
  • Your baby will be facing you while strolling.
  • Offers you complete convenience while in transit.
  • The pram can usually be used until around age three, offering you value for money.

What are the cons of travel systems?

  • You will need to buy another car seat when your baby outgrows her first one. This could be as early as one year


Please visit the Graco website for see our full range of Travel Systems and read our blog for even more tips.