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Top 10 Ways To Announce – “We’re Pregnant!”

Top 10 Ways To Announce – “We’re Pregnant!”

People are always looking for creative ways to share the big news – here’s a great story from one of our Graco Contributors. How did you tell!?Top 10 Ways to Announce “We’re Pregnant”:

Email the ultrasound picture to your family
A picture says a thousand words, yes that’s the EPT test.

Wrap a baby shoe as a gift to your family or husband

If there is an older sibling – the t-shirt announcing “I’m going to be a BIG Sister/Brother” is a sure win

Give your mom  teapot and inside was a note that read; “Time For Tea and Baby #3.” Clever!!

Meet your parents for dinner at a quaint restaurant and the table with Pink & Blue balloons as they arrive.

From a dad-to-be to the future grandpa, “It looks like we will need additional Rugby Tickets this season”

Put an ultrasound picture on your Holiday Card (“our special gift is arriving in July”)

Have a bouquet of balloons (pink & blue) delivered to work or a grandparent’s house
And the BEST announcement ever…Anonymous post on a Family Website “Guess Who’s Pregnant”

Any additional ideas you could share with our parents-to-be??

Article courtesy of Gracobaby.com