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Third Trimester: Pregnancy To-Do List

First of all - pregnancy is a very scary time! While it is wonderful, exciting and amazing, all at once! Graco want to try and take some of the stress away from you and have compiled the ultimate pregnancy to-do list. Our guide features a trimester by trimester guide and to-do list. Read below for your guide to the third trimester.

Pregnancy third trimester with Graco

Graco guide you step by step through your pregnancy with our great to-do lists. Use these as a guide to help you feel like you are not forgetting any of the important tasks.

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Third Trimester Pregnancy to-do list:

The third trimester covers weeks 28 until the birth of your baby! This is the final instalment of your pregnancy. Many moms are feeling very uncomfortable by this stage and everyone is filled with anticipation. Nine months may seem like a long time, but the weeks fly by and baby will be here before you know it! Pace yourself - the last trimester can be a tiring one!

Firstly, this is just a guide so nothing on this list has to be done, the important thing is to take care of yourself and baby.

Medical / Birthing:

  • Continue with your prenatal visits.
  • Book your 3D or 4D scan.
  • Pre-register your hospital or birthing centre. If you are able, have a tour so that you feel more comfortable with the surroundings.
  • Finalise your birth plan. Some moms prefer to have this as an easy to read essay, remembering that not everything will go to plan. Plan your route to the hospital and what you will do in the traffic. Practice the drive to the hospital so that you have an idea of the timing. Be familiar with cesarean sections as this is a possibility for any birth. You will not be caught off guard if you have some basic knowledge of what to expect.
  • If you have other children, include the plan for who will look after them. Choose who will be present during your labour and delivery.
  • Write down your doctors instructions about danger signs to watch out for, when to visit the ER and how often to count the kicks if baby isn't active.
  • Take a birthing class if you haven't already done so.
  • Find a Paediatrician - ask around and find a doctor that you trust.
  • If you are breastfeeding, attend a lactation class. Watch videos or read books to help familiarise yourself.


  • Try and have your nursery finalised at least 6 weeks before your due date. This helps in case baby comes early, alternatively it leaves you time to relax at the end of your pregnancy.
  • If there is a sibling, make changes gradually so that your child can adjust to the idea of a new baby.
  • Plan the changing area with nappies / cloth diapers, wipes, bum cream and a disposal system. A change mat can also be a lifesaver.
  • Design a comfortable feeding area where you can bond with your little one. You will be spending a large amount of time in the area. A comfortable chair is essential, also remember a burp cloth, place to put a glass of water and a clock or watch.

Baby Essentials:

  • Baby Shower - this is traditionally thrown for the mom-to-be by friends and family. Plan a gift registry list so that your guests know what items you are wanting and what your already have. Consider smaller items as well as bigger ticket items that your guests can club together for.
  • Have your car seat fitted and make sure that you understand how everything works.
  • Wash all the new clothes and linen so that it is ready for when baby is born. The last thing that you want to be doing in the first week is preparing and washing clothes! Be sure to have 2-3 pants and shirts 0 - 3 months for right after baby is born.
  • Sterilise bottles and pumps. This will depend on how to are going to feed your baby and will be a personal choice. Be sure to be prepared, learn how to use any complicated machinery before baby arrives.
  • Assemble and set up any baby gear. Tackle the complicated travel cot while you still have time to read the instructions. If you are using any items that are second-hand, be sure to give them a spring clean and ensure that they still work. Practice how to use all items - including practicing swaddling, this will give you confidence for when baby arrives.
  • Think about nappies - are you going the disposable or the cloth diapering route? Be sure to have your options prepared. Don't buy too many newborn sized nappies, you can always buy more if you need later on.
  • Pack your hospital bag and labour bags with all the items that you need. Don't leave this to the last minute in case your little one surprises you early. Remember to pack personal items for yourself as well.


For Mom:

  • Stock up on essentials. The last thing that you want is to run out of the basics, like shampoo or toilet paper, while you are taking care of a newborn. Freeze meals and stockpile simple, healthy snacks.
  • Sleep on your side to ensure proper blood flow.
  • Keep active, under your doctor's advisement. Exercise can improve your mood and ensure that you are physically ready for baby. Lastly, exercise can also help improve your sleep. Soothing practices like Yoga can help with flexibility and relax mom in the last trimester. Practice Kegel and Breathing exercises to make birthing easier.
  • Finalise your maternity leave plans with your employer. Wrap up any projects so that you won't be disturbed while on leave.
  • Avoid stress by establishing a schedule for when family can visit. For example, invite your mother to stay for the first week that you bring baby home and your mother-in-law the following week. Too many guests can be overwhelming so stick to a plan that you are comfortable with.
  • Work on baby announcements and thank you notes.
  • Schedule any personal appointments, by taking care of things like dentist or optometrist now will be a blessing in the long run.
  • Continue with healthy choices and listen to your body. Make sure that you know the signs of labour and what to look out for. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Rest when you need to and take it easy in this last stage of pregnancy.

For Baby:

  • Narrow down the baby name list. You don't have to settle on a name, but limit the options to make the decision easier. Remember to choose options for both genders so that you are prepared.
  • Purchase baby books or a baby memory album so that you can keep the first mementoes like hospital band and footprints.
  • Read baby / parenting books, not just pregnancy books so that you are ready for the first few months.
  • Baby proof the house. This can be delayed for a bit, but sometimes it does help you feel prepared if you do this before you have a mobile baby.
  • Look into child care if you are planning on returning to work.

For your team:

  • Get your team into the loop! Whether it be friends or family, enlist as much help as you can before baby arrives. Prepared meals are a lifesaver. Plan what will happen to any siblings in the first few months. Clear the decks and try get all paperwork and projects in order before baby arrives. It takes a village to raise a child after all!
  • Give dad some tasks too - like charging the batteries in the camera or videocamera.
  • Plan a gift to give to an older sibling so that they don't feel left out.