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Talking Toddlers - does your little one know these 25 words?

By the age of 2, experts say that your little one should know these 25 words. How many does your little one know? An inability could reveal developmental issues for your child.

The Child Study Institute developed the list of 25 words after creating a list of 310 words that kids tended to use. 25 has been highlighted as the minimum set for a 2 year old, with the average word range being from 75 - 225 words.

Talking toddlers Talking toddlers

Children in South Africa are often raised in bilingual homes or communities, because of this it may be likely that your child will know words from other languages. Research suggests that if your child cannot identify 25 words in their dominant home language there may be a problem. This can signal problems including autism, hearing problems or delays in their mental development. While most late talkers do catch up, it is possible that they will not be on par with their talkative peers in later life.

Experts says that at 2, a normal child will have at least 50 words that they will start stringing together to make phrases or short sentences. If they are not able to do so, it may be worth having them evaluated so that you can help them early. Research has shown that by limiting TV time a toddler will develop language skills faster. By interacting verbally with your child they are more likely to build their vocabulary then by staring at a TV screen.

  1. Mommy
  2. Juice
  3. No
  4. Nose
  5. Car 
  6. Shoe
  7. All gone
  8. Daddy 
  9. Hello
  10. Dog
  11. Eye
  12. Hot 
  13. Hat
  14. Baby
  15. Bye-bye
  16. Cat
  17. Banana
  18. Book
  19. Milk
  20. Yes
  21. Ball
  22. Cookie
  23. Bath 
  24. More 

If you are not an English-speaking household, the general rule is that by two your child should be able to say 25 words and names of things that you use everyday around the house.