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The benefits of using an infant Swing

Swings are never listed as necessities when it comes to purchasing baby gear, but many moms swear by them. The decision to purchase one may lie within budget constraints and  how much space you have. Graco outlines some of the benefits of swings to help make your decision an easy one.

Infant Swing

1. Calming: a fussy baby can lead to stressed parents and an unhappy child. The gentle rocking motion of a swing can be used to soothe the little one, whilst giving mom a break. Swings have been known to help settle tummies and give relief from colic whilst comforting babies. Some swings are even fitted with a vibration module designed to ease colic and calm baby.

2. Nap time: the same way that a car ride can be used to lull babies to slumber, the motion of the swing soothes and helps baby drift off. The benefit of a swing is that it can also be used during the day for naps with the bonus that you don't have to leave the house! Baby is in plain sight of worried parents and the swing provides a safe place for baby that is easy to position in a convenient space. Today's swings feature a safety harness so that baby is kept secure when they dose off.

3. Hands-free: We all know that a parents work is never done, some tasks are impossible to do whilst holding a baby. The swing provides a soothing cove that baby can sleep while mom and dad can do some basic chores. Being portable swings can even venture outdoors to give some fresh air and a change of scenery. Take care when placing the swing that the surface is level and at floor level. Babies in swings still need supervision and should never be left unattended. Take note of how your swing is powered, many swings today come with the option of batteries or plug in to save on costs.

4. Entertainment: Many swings include soothing songs to entertain and calm baby. Infants enjoy the motion of swinging and it is fun and entertaining for them. The bar above the swing can be used to hold mobiles or toys to develop babies visual and spatial reasoning. The portable nature means that baby can soak up the sights and sound versus napping in a fixed crib where they stare at the ceiling.

5. Educational: The stimulation afforded by the swing is very educational and helps with physical and mental development. By exposing baby to different settings and environments they learn new things, music and toys can assist with encouraging baby to reach and aids co-ordination.

Do you have an infant swing? We would love to hear your thoughts?