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  • Stroller Safely — 11 Expert Tips on Stroller Safety

    Stroller Safety — 11 Expert Tips on Stroller Safety

    It's Summer-time and we love being out and about! A stroller can be a lifesaver at the end of a long day at the park. When eyes get heavy and heads start to doze off, it is great to be able to put your little one in their stroller. Here are some tips on stroller safety.Stroller Safety from Graco
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  • Parent-facing or forward-facing prams – which is better?

    There are many types of prams and travel systems on the market; it can be very hard to choose which is the best option for your baby. While some say that a parent facing is better, there are many advantages of either option. We give you the pros and cons and go into some of the research that has been done.

    mom pushing pram mom pushing pram

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  • Why buy a pram with a car seat

    Why buy a pram with a car seat

    When first time parents consider purchasing a stroller or pram for their new baby, the options available might overwhelm them.  Before purchasing a pram, it is recommended to look at the different options available and see how they fit into your lifestyle. Continue reading

  • The Safety Savvy Survival Series

     The Safety Savvy Survival Series

    Having a baby can be a daunting process with many factors to consider. Walking through baby stores, you find yourself overwhelmed with many choices. Booster seats, 3 in 1’s, combination seats – seats with cup holders and extra holders for mom. What can you do to keep your baby safe? Our Safety Savvy Survival Series will help outline the basic

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