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Second Trimester: Pregnancy To-Do List

The second trimester covers weeks 13 - 27, this is where most moms finally announce the good news to family and friends. Don't be surprised if you feel the urge to spring clean your entire house, since nesting is common. Furthermore, Moms start shopping for all the new baby essentials. Most of all, only get the essentials that you need.

Second Trimester with Graco

Second Trimester Pregnancy to-do list:

Graco guide you step by step through your pregnancy with our great to-do lists. Use these as a guide to help you feel like you are not forgetting any of the important tasks.

Have a look at our Ultimate Pregnancy to-do list for more on each trimester.

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Second trimester

The second trimester is a safe time to start telling friends and family the good news!

Maternity Leave:

  • Discuss maternity leave and your postpartum work schedule. Will you be working right up to when you are due or will you take some time off before? Start planning what benefits you are entitled to and what leave you will be able to take. There are agencies available that help you with your UIF benefits so be sure to do your research to get the most help.

Doctors and classes:

  • Your doctor should have scheduled another visit with you. This is a checkup to ensure that your little one is doing well. During weeks 15 to 18 you should have a Amniocentesis and Triple screen. Around week 20 will be your mid-pregnancy ultrasound.


  • Check with your doctor what kind of exercise is safe for pregnancy.


  • Book your antenatal classes as these get booked up fast!


  • Visit a Baby Specialist store like Baby City or Baby Boom to see all the baby gear that you can get. Read our guide on how to choose a Travel System. The friendly staff at Graco are also able to answer all questions in terms of car seats, travel systems and travel cots.


  • Indulge in some maternity clothes as your belly starts to grow. One important item to get may be a maternity bra. Some moms double the value and buy a maternity bra that can also function as a feeding bra later on. There are many tips on how to keep wearing your current clothes by using products like a belly band.


  • Consider whether you would like to get a Pregnancy pillow or body support pillow. Many moms find that this support is essential while trying to sleep with a growing belly.


  • Consequently, start planning your nursery! Will you be setting up a room just for baby and decorate it specially? Where will baby be sleeping? Will you be opting for a Travel Cot or a Crib.