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Baby Safety

  • The A - Z of sleep: how to get more Zzzz's

    Cravings during pregnancy can be vast and varied from mom to mom, but there is something that all new parents crave and that is...SLEEP! We go through A - Z to get your newborn baby some much needed Zzzz's.

    A - Z of sleep

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  • The science behind why we can't ignore a screaming baby

    As a parent you will soon be able to differentiate between when your little one is just testing their lungs and when they are in imminent danger. We definitely have different cries as we do different tones of voice. Why, though, is the sound of a screaming baby impossible to ignore, whether their screams are fake or real?

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  • Parent-facing or forward-facing prams – which is better?

    There are many types of prams and travel systems on the market; it can be very hard to choose which is the best option for your baby. While some say that a parent facing is better, there are many advantages of either option. We give you the pros and cons and go into some of the research that has been done.

    mom pushing pram mom pushing pram

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  • 5 tips for installing car seats

    All parents want their little ones to be safe, we do everything in our power to protect our precious cargo. Usually a lot of research goes into purchasing a car seat, however even if the safest seat is selected a lot can go wrong with the installation of the new seat. Some experts claim that 7 out of every 10 car seats are installed incorrectly. Below are some tips for installing car seats correctly.

    With the new advent of the car seat law passed in May 2015 we also include some tips to ensure that you are installing your cars seat and using your car seat safety harness correctly.

    Tips for installing a car seat correctly Tips for installing a car seat correctly

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  • Can I keep using my car seat after a car accident?

    A car accident is a terrible thing to happen to anyone, whether you can keep using your car seat will depend on the incident and the type of damage that occurred. Here is a guide to know whether your should replace your car seat or not. Continue reading

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