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Graco South Africa

  • Guest Blogger - 8 things you need to know as a new mom

    Guest Blogger Image

    Guest Blogger - Ayanda Tshazi

    When I agreed to “sharing my experience” as a new mother, I had no clue what I could have learned in 2 weeks of being a new mom that was worth sharing.  I am obviously no expert so these tips are only shared here because they have made the past few weeks bearable and have kept me going from one new moment to the next.  I hope some of it will also help you along your special and unique journey… Continue reading

  • 2014 Baby Bucket List

    With 2014 almost half way done, we have to take time out to ask ourselves where the time has gone.

    As Winter's chill can be felt in the evening's crisp air, it's time to make sure that we appreciate all the experiences that will be gone before long. With Summer coming and its longer days and warmer weather just begging for exploration – and with your little one in tow, there is so much to experience!

    With this in mind we have created our own #BabyBucketList to get you started thinking about all of the fun, new things you can do with your little one. We hope that by giving you some ideas you will be able to make the most of what is left of 2014. We’ll reveal one item on our #BabyBucketList each week and offer additional ideas and prizes to help get you on your way. Be sure to share your ideas with other moms and dads in the comments below.

    We hope you will enjoy making memories with your little one in 2014!

  • Multi-tasking Mega Mom

    Multi-tasking Mega Mom

    The role of mom has traditionally been to look after everything, but with the changing world moms have adapted to become juggling queens. With jobs, errands, house work as well as staying connected on social media, busy moms feel the need to be master multi-taskers. Continue reading

  • Nursery Decorating Tips from Celebrity Mom Leslie Segrete

    Remember back in September when Leslie Segrete was kind enough to share some of her motherhood experiences and thoughts on parenting? Well, now she is back to lend some knowledge in her supreme area of expertise! Continue reading

  • Pregnancy Myths Debunked by the experts

    Pregnancy Myths Debunked by the experts

    Time Magazine has recently published a new article debunking many of the common Pregnancy Myths by consulting leading OB/GYNs. Many pregnant women are frantic about the dos and don'ts and often call their doctors in a panic. Continue reading

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