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Graco South Africa

  • Third Trimester: Pregnancy To-Do List

    First of all - pregnancy is a very scary time! While it is wonderful, exciting and amazing, all at once! Graco want to try and take some of the stress away from you and have compiled the ultimate pregnancy to-do list. Our guide features a trimester by trimester guide and to-do list. Read below for your guide to the third trimester.

    Pregnancy third trimester with Graco

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  • 10 things that change when you become a dad

    10 things that change when you become a dad:

    Having a baby is a life changing event, one minute your a carefree guy and the next minute you have become a dad and are responsible for a life. As you are counting down the days until you become a dad, there are some changes you can expect. Your pre-baby life will seem like a lifetime ago, and the first few months of your newborn will become a bit blurry. Fatherhood can change a man’s life, we outline some ways it actually changes your brain. Despite many well-meaning people giving you advice - nothing can prepare you for when you become a dad, the roller coaster ride is something inexplicable. We give you a heads up on some aspects that many dads wished they had known before becoming a dad. Learn about the ways that your life will change and how to embrace the new differences.

    10 things that change when you become a dad 10 things that change when you become a dad

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  • Second Trimester: Pregnancy To-Do List

    The second trimester covers weeks 13 - 27, this is where most moms finally announce the good news to family and friends. Don't be surprised if you feel the urge to spring clean your entire house, since nesting is common. Furthermore, Moms start shopping for all the new baby essentials. Most of all, only get the essentials that you need.

    Second Trimester with Graco

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  • Stroller workout - finding time for fitness

    Life is all about balance, but having a baby can throw your normal balance and routine out of sync. Graco and Living and Loving magazine partnered with fitness expert, Lisa Raleigh, to create a stroller workout and give you some tips on keeping fit.

    Graco Stroller workout with Lisa Raleigh

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  • Booster Seat: Bin the Backless Booster Seat?

    As a mom who peruses the Internet, you may have seen the posts about the campaign “Bin the Booster”. Graco weigh in. We outline what a Booster Seat is and give you some tips on booster seat safety for your older child.

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