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Graco Affix ISO-LATCH Highback Booster Seat

Graco's innovative team prides itself in constantly coming up with quality products to keep your little ones safe and secure. Our engineers work tirelessly to come up with the special little touches to make caring for your kids easier.  Their latest introduction is the Affix ISO-LATCH booster seat, read more about why you are sure to love it!

Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat

The Affix combines our favourite things - safety, comfort and ease of use! (Not to mention the value that this seat offers riders from age 3 to age 12.) So what makes this seat different from other booster seats on the market?

Graco Affix ISO-LATCH system:

What is LATCH? LATCH stands for Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren. This is a way to secure a car seat to a vehicle using straps that connect to the special metal anchor points in the car. The ISO comes in from the name of the metal anchor points in the car, also called ISOFIX. Many booster seats that are labelled ISOFIX have a rigid bar that click into the ISOFIX connectors, and can then be released with a button. The other option is a clip that is attached with a strap, to adjust this you just pull the strap.

LATCH - first image shows the ISO-LATCH clip, the second image shows the rigid ISOFIX connector. LATCH - first image shows the ISO-LATCH clip, the second image shows the rigid ISOFIX connector. Image from thecarseatlady.blogspot.co.za

The Affix has a front adjust ISO-LATCH system that connects to your vehicle. What that means in plain english is that the Affix has latches (or clips) that attach to your vehicles ISOFIX connectors and secure the seat. This means that the seat is always kept in place, even when unoccupied. In terms of convenience, the fact that the Affix adjusts from the front means that you don't have to try and make adjustments from behind to connect the seat . The new system is so easy and can be done with just one hand, simply connect the clip and pull to tighten the booster seat. As the Affix stays in place it helps to facilitate independent buckling for your child with the vehicle's seat belt.

Graco Affix how to connect Booster Seat Graco Affix how to connect Booster Seat

Safety Surround Side Impact Protection:

The Graco Affix includes Safety Surround Side Impact Protection, which gives your child the best head and body protection. The Back-rest contains EPS, which is an energy absorbing foam that allows for effective impact energy management should your vehicle be in a collision. The Affix grows with your child with a multi-layer comfort headrest that is fully adjustable. The seat also features the Graco-paedic foam to keep little riders comfortable on long trips.

Graco Affix's fully adjustable head-rest Graco Affix's fully adjustable head-rest

In addition to the one-hand ISO-LATCH system, the AFFIX Highback Booster Seat is a 2-in-1 booster that easily converts into a backless booster as your child grows. It is best to keep your kid in a highback booster for as long as they are comfortable, but the highback section of the Affix does remove so that you can use this as just a booster cushion. As parents we love the integrated cup-holder to keep our little one's drinks secure and prevent spills. There is also hide-away storage to keep all their favourite items close at hand during long car trips.

We have also compiled an FAQ section for any other questions that you may have about the Affix:

What are the dimensions of the Affix Booster Seat?
The dimensions of the AFFIX are 27L x 42W x 64H cm

What are the benefits of using the AFFIX booster with ISO-LATCH system?

  • One-hand front-adjust ISO-LATCH system secures the booster seat to the car, keeping the booster seat in place.
  • This allows self-buckling for your independent child

Is there a weight limit for use with the AFFIX ISO-LATCH System?
Since the ISO-LATCH system only secures the Affix booster seat to the vehicle, it may be used regardless of the weight of the child (suitable from 15kg up to the maximum seat weight of 36kg).

What should I keep in mind before using the AFFIX Booster with ISO-LATCH?
The user should verify the following before using the ISO-LATCH system to attach their booster seat:

  • The LATCH does not interfere with other vehicle belt connectors
  • The vehicle lap/shoulder belt and LATCH anchorages align side-to-side. (In other words, the LATCH system aligns the booster properly for use with the vehicle lap/shoulder belt)

Can I use the AFFIX in the center seating position of my car?
The LATCH system on the AFFIX may also be used in the center seating position. When using the LATCH system in the center position, the following rules will also apply in addition to those above:

  • Distance between the two inboard LATCH anchors must be 28cm or greater
  • The vehicle owner’s manual must permit the use of LATCH in the center seating position
  • There must not be any contact or obstructions that could damage the straps and/or the vehicle safety belts
  • The LATCH does not interfere with other vehicle belt connectors

The AFFIX Youth booster can also be used in the center position without the LATCH system attached.  If this is the case you should make sure to secure the booster seat in the vehicle using the center lap shoulder belt when the booster seat is not in use.

We really hope you like the Graco AFFIX booster with ISO-LATCH system as much as we do! If you have any other questions, be sure to reach out and we can help answer them!