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Booster car seats that grow with your child

Booster car seats that grow with your child

When it comes to travelling on the roads, the safety of your child is paramount. Your first priority is to ensure that they are well protected in the event of an accident. Your child’s comfort, however, is also very important  as a comfortable child is a happy child.  So how do you go about making sure that your child is strapped in and safe while still making the journey as comfortable as possible for them?  The answer is a booster car seat from Graco, and here is why:

Safety First
The booster car seat is designed to elevate your child in the seat, allowing for a better fit of the safety belt.  Due to a more comfortable experience wearing a safety belt, your child will be less likely to complain about wearing it, or wanting to unclip it while driving.  The gaps provided for the safety belt help to guide the safety belt away from the child, and instead of cutting into their neck or chest, it comfortably supports them in case of an accident.

All grown up
Children grow so quickly, and before you know it, they have outgrown their clothes, shoes and toys.  You can rest assured that the Graco booster car seats grow with your child.  The height adjustable head rest can be easily adjusted when they grow taller.  They feel more grown up, as they are able to see out the car window, although they are still safely strapped in their booster seat.

Look mommy, no hands
When travelling, children can become hungry and thirsty.  As children will be children and spills are bound to occur, Graco has integrated cup holders into the booster car seat.  Now you can give your children their favourite drink while you drive and know that the risk of spills is drastically reduced.

We’ve got you covered
As spills are as much part of travelling with kids as the journey itself, Graco booster car seat covers are easily removable and machine washable.  Your car seats will stay clean and the booster seat will always look new.

Can you think of a better way of travelling with kids?  Graco’s range of booster car seats are designed around the safety and comfort of your child.